Thanking My Angels

I would not have started on this path without some divine guidance to get back into singing and to pursue this dream. I want to thank the following people for their inspiration and support in this journey, (in more or less chronological order).
I thank my late mother for the music gene and my late father for believing in me.
I thank my siblings, nieces and nephews for being my inspiration, sounding boards and constant support.
I thank musician Stephen Desmond for saying the words "You're wasting your voice."
I thank my friend Filippo Voltaggio of Life Changes with Filippo for having an event at just the right moment and introducing me to Dorothy Donahue.
I thank Dorothy Donahue for being the angel conduit who remotely heard Stephen's words "You're wasting your voice" and delivered the message that I not only needed to sing for my health, but that the world needed my songs.
I thank Jennifer McLean, Rikka Zimmerman, Mary Hall, and Joe Dispenza from Healing with the Masters for delivering breakthrough moments when I needed them.
I thank Marcia Wieder of Dream University for magically appearing with laser coaching and an incredible conference with an inspirational and practical line-up of speakers that jump-started my action plan to go from concept to reality.
I thank Mark Piatelli of for being my mastermind partner, keeping me on track and in integrity with my mission.
I thank all the members of the Making a Difference visionary networking group in LA who are a constant support on this path.
I thank the amazing singer/songwriter fiZ and pianist Darrell Alston for their musical and moral support.
And above all, I thank the Divine Energy of which we are all created, AKA God, that inspires me and delivers the songs for me to share.