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There's nothing more persistent in a child's mind than a catchy song. The things children hear at an early age have the power to shape future behavior. Do you ever feel like the messages that your kids are getting from mainstream media are just giving them bad ideas? Wouldn't you prefer to have songs running through your children's heads that teach them to love and respect themselves, others and the universe, and reinforce positive behavior and life choices?

Auntie Kayte sings Pirates are People TooAuntie Kayte enchants children with songs and stories about familiar characters like knights and princesses, pirates and fairies, unicorns and rainbows, but in a world where you see both sides of the story. These songs capture children's imaginations while teaching them that actions have consequences, and people (and unicorns) are valued for who they really are. Kids are emotionally drawn to these stories and their messages.  This connection provides opportunities for  meaningful conversations about deeper subjects like personal responsibility, compassion and possibilities that help them interpret their world and apply the lessons to real life.

In addition to the fantasy story songs, Auntie Kayte writes about life situations from getting up in the morning with a good attitude to making choices, learning new things, taking care of yourself and the environment and picking up your toys. The life songs are a great starting point for making up your own words about how you do things at your house or in your classroom, and the catchy melodies make them easy to remember.

Sample Auntie Kayte Lyrics:

Pirates are People Too

"...But pirates have moms and pirates have dads, and some have kids like you, So even though they've been really bad, pirates are people too..." Read more

Rufus the Unicorn

"...You look like a unicorn, but they don't exist, so I guess that you must be a rhinocerous!" Read more

My Toys

"...I know where each toy lives, and my toys know I'm the boss.
And when I put them in their place, they almost never get lost!" Read more

A Princess Can Be Smart

"...Just 'cause a princess likes a little bling, doesn't mean she doesn't know a thing.
That's how it is for a princess nowadays, she can wear a crown and she can get good grades..." Read more

Take Care of Yourself

"Take care of yourself in everything you do.
Take care of yourself, and have a positive view.
Take care of yourself and be the best you.
'Cause when you're the best you, you can help others too." Read more

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What People Are Saying About Auntie Kayte

My son refused to go to sleep until Auntie Kayte was playing, 2 songs and out like a light! Auntie Kayte you "Rock" my son to sleep every night ! Love you!

Posted by Carol on Facebook

"Thank you so very much for bringing "Auntie Kayte" to my second grade classroom. Your original songs were very engaging, easy for the students to learn and delivered such a positive message. My students eagerly looked forward to Tuesday afternoons knowing Auntie Kayte would be coming. Thank you for such a great program." Mrs. Mary Poper, 2nd Grade Teacher, Madison Elementary

"Our nursery school children were enthralled with Auntie Kayte's visits to our class. Her gentle, musical approach to values-based topics made singing her songs both endearing and fun. Two of our favorites were The Unicorn song and the Toy song. Thanks so much."
Joanny Iaccino, Encino Parents Nursery School, Teacher/Director

"My girls loved seeing Auntie Kayte perform live. They were completely enchanted by the colorful story songs and really enjoyed the active participation. As a parent, it was great to see my kids engaging with the lessons that align with my values. Regular exposure to Auntie Kayte's music reinforces what I teach them about being good people in the world."
Gregory Nevarro Pickens, parent, artist and educator

"Auntie Kayte is the most soulful children's musical artist I have encountered in my 18 years of supporting families! Listen to her music and be thrilled, enlightened and HAPPY! You will LOVE Auntie Kayte."
Lorraine Pursell, The Parent Mentor

"The Friends of Lincoln Park in Downtown Long Beach have had the honor of having Auntie Kayte bring her musical storytime to our events at the park. She has a magical affect on the children that are surrounding her with her treasure chest of costumes or her storyboard of drawings that capture the imaginations of all who watch and listen, while engaging her audience for a morning, afternoon or evening of learning with song. We are looking forward to our next opportunity to have the amazing Auntie Kayte capture our attention again. Thank you! "
Allison Kripp, Friends of Lincoln Park, parent

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