Rufus the Unicorn by Kayte Deioma AKA Auntie Kayte

Rufus the pony had a bump on his head.
The horses all teased him and here's what they said:
"I'm sorry my friend, but you're not a horse.
I'd say you were a unicorn, but they're not real, of course.
That bump on your head will soon be a horn,
But I think you're a goat, not a unicorn."

Rufus the goat had one horn on his head.
The other goats made fun of him and here's what they said:
"You can't be a goat because goats have two horns.
You kind of look like a unicorn.
You can't be a unicorn, 'cause they don't exist,
So I guess that you must be a rhinoceros."

Rufus the Rhino had one horn on his head.
The other rhinos looked at him and here's what they said:
"You're just not a rhino, you're simply too pale.
You're missing a horn and have a lion's tail.
You look like a unicorn, but you're playing tricks,
So I think that you must be a plain old Oryx."

Rufus the Oryx had one horn on his head.
He went to find an Oryx, and here's what she said:
"Rufus you're no Oryx, no goat, or rhino.
But I'll tell you the truth, because I really know.
With one horn, a lion's tail and horse's hair,
You look just like those unicorns over there."

Rufus the unicorn was happy as can be
With his unicorn friends and new family.
So if anyone tells you you're not what you are,
Just remember Rufus and you will go far.
And if you ever see a horse with one horn,
Maybe it's really a unicorn.
Yes if you EVER see a horse with one horn,
It just might be Rufus the unicorn.

Notes on Rufus the Unicorn

I usually use pictures when I sing this song live, so the kids see that Rufus looks like a unicorn from the beginning, and get a kick out of knowing better than the animals that respond. It provides an opportunity to talk about how we judge people and how people judge us by the way we look; being true to who we are, regardless of the labels people put on us; and the journey to discovering who we are in the universe and finding the people who make us feel at home.

Rufus the Unicorn can also be used to talk about alternative scenarios. What would have happened if the horses accepted Rufus without question? What if the horses accepted that Rufus was a horse, but made him think he was defective because he had a horn? What if he never found the other unicorns? Could he still find a place to fit in? Is the world a better place if horses, rhinos, goats and unicorns can all hang out together without judgment?