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Lullaby of Hope by Kayte Deioma AKA Auntie Kayte

Close your eyes.       
Lay your head down.
It’s time to say goodnight.
Sleep awhile.  Dream awhile.
Cling to your hopes and tomorrows.
Don’t let the night catch your sorrows.
After each winter comes spring.
Just wait and see what tomorrow will bring.

I am here.
Right beside you.    
Now it’s time to sleep.
Softly now - Say a prayer.
You have an angel to guard you.
And with a dream he’ll reward you
For laying your head down to sleep.
And through the night a safe watch he’ll keep.

Happy dreams.
It’s time to go to sleep.
Rest your head upon your pillow.
When you open your eyes you’ll see daylight.
But for right now it is goodnight.
Goodnight and lullaby.            
Goodnight and lullaby.

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